Zenmate apk Download

So i am assuming that if you are here then :

  • You have a smartphone(Android to be more specific).
  • You want the apk file for Zenmate app.
  • You want the tutorial on how to use it on android.
  • You want a Zenmate review in detail.

If you are here for any of these reasons, then relax you are at the right place. In this article i am going to cover all these topics in details except Zenmate review. For a completely unbiased review of Zenmate vpn zenmate review.

Also if you want to download Zenmate vpn for :-

  1. Your PC, follow Zenmate for PC.
  2. Your iPhone, follow Zenmate for iPhone.

Now without wasting much of your time let us continue on the article.

Features of Zenmate apk

Before going on downloading any random file on your smartphone device you got to know what it exactly is right?

Tell me if i am wrong. So, here it goes

Like you already know what Zenmate apk is now i am going to tell you about its special features.

  • Zenmate can easily be downloaded to any low-end Android devices.
  • It has an easy to use interface and anyone can use it without facing any problems.
  • You can also download it from many sources which is an advantage.
  • You can choose from a list of many countries and connect to that country respectively.
  • Its ‘one-tap’ features allows you to connect to any server with ease.
  • You can access it completely free and also with premium features.
  • Premium features of Zenmate apk come with a cost but they are worth it.
  • It is a one time investment if you are looking forward to buy the Zenmate premium.

So, these are pretty much all the features of the Zenmate app. If you are still confused about whether it is the right VPN or not just go the the Zenmate review here.

Requirements for Zenmate apk

  1. A smartphone with Android 4.2 version or higher.
  2. A device with minimum 512mb of RAM(for smooth running).
  3. You should have atleast 200 mb of ROM.
  4. You should have a browser with Download feature.

That is pretty much all you need right now to enjoy the benefits of Zenmate apk. I will update the requirement list as per updated by the company. Stay tuned for the updates.

Zenmate apk download for Phones and Tablets

Easy and free download your favourite app just by clicking on the download button below. Enjoy acces to various unaccessed sites whih you previously used to miss before.

Zenmate apk

Now coming to the part you all are actually here for. We hope that you have already got a firm idea by now whether to go with this app or not. Those features and requirements’ list must have helped you make your mind about it. So, finally coming to the tutorial on downloading and installing the app to your Smart phones and Tablets.

If you are still unable to understand the tutorial or if you face any problem in downloading or installing the app, feel free to connect with us in the comment section below.

Here, download Zenmate apk

You are most probably already aware of the two ways of downloading the app on your Android device.

  1. Download through Google Play Store.
  2. Download apk through us.

Now it is completely upto you that which way you choose to download. Here in this tutorial we will be following the second method of downloading as mentioned above.

To start the downloading of apk file, Click on the Zenmate Download button below. Your download should begin automatically when you click on it.

Download now

If your download doesn’t start immediately, wait for about 10 seconds refresh the page and try again. If it still doesn’t start on its own, Clear the cache and cookies of your browser.

How to install Zenmate apk

Zenmate apk

Now as you have already downloaded the Zenmate apk file to your device it is time to install the application.

You can download the Zenmate app in very easy steps mentioned below. If you still face any problems or need any further assisstance feel free to comment below. We are always more than happy to help.

  1. Unlock your android device and go to the Settings section of your Phone.
  2. Now go to Security>Allow apps from unknown sources. This step will allow you to download and install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  3. Now open your browser on which you have downloaded the Zenmate apk file.
  4. Tap on Downloads section of the browser and you see the installation process start automatically.
  5. You will be prompted with “Terms of Service and conditions” to use this app. If you agree Click on Agree and move to next step.
  6. Click on Install Now and the Click on Done. That is all now you should be able to see the Zenmate VPN on your device.
  7. Now you are ready to use the app.

download now

Keep reading to see the tutorial on how to use Zenmate app  on your android device.

How to use Zenmate apk

As you have already Downloaded and Installed the Zenmate app by following our detailed walkthrough. Now you should also know how to use it. Like it is said

A weapon cannot protect you if you do not know how to use it.

Follow the guide below and understand what all Zenmate app can do.

  • Since you have the app installed, locate it on your device app tray and open it.
  • Next you will see the features of Zenmate now. Keep seeing them and Click on Next three times.
  • Now you can see an “On/Off” button and drop down menu.
  • Once you tap on the drop down menu, you will see the list of all the countries ip adressess you can choose to connect.
  • When you select the country, tap on it and then press the On Button.
  • You are now connected to the proxy server of that country.

Enjoy using the app. Shoot your questions or doubts in the comments below and tell us how you like it. Don’t forget to share the word if you like the post.