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Everyone cares about their privacy, right? I mean why shouldn’t we? It is something we all deserve and respect. If you also think so you are definitely not the only one around. And if you are here you probably have heard the term ‘VPN‘. Don’t worry if you haven’t, i will cover all your doubts in this detailed post about Zenmate free download.

Though it is true that Zenmate apk is easily available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. But most of the people using  Zen mate VPN have no idea about how to use it or what all wonders can it do. They are sticking to a very narrow range of its uses.

What is a VPN? – Learn more about Zenmate app & Zenmate free Download

Before telling you guys about Zenmate free download, how to use Zenmate, where to find and download Zenmate apk. I would like to explain to you what VPN is. VPN is the short form of ‘Virtual Private Network‘. Now i am very certain that just the full form will not be enough knowledge for many. Keeping in mind that:

Half-Knowledge is always dangerous

I am going to exlplain it in detail.

A virtual private network is used to establish a secure connection, over the internet to any network.  Whether you want to use access some websites or webpages which are restricted in your area, you can do it with a VPN. If you want to keep your browsing history safe and private when using a public Wifi, you can use Zenmate app.

We also provide Zenmate free Download file along with the tutorial on how to use it. Not only on Android but also on other devices like PC, iPhone. 

What is Zenmate App?- How to use it

Now that you have a clear idea about what a VPN is you might be wondering what Zenmate App and what this post is about. Zenmate App is a privacy and safety services application from Germany. If you want to create a VPN of any country to mantain your privacy or to access such area-restricted webpages you can use Zenmate app.

It offers you ip adresses of various countries to choose from. For example – If you are in India and you know a particular site is blocked in India but you know that people in US have access to that site then you can choose United States as a country and access the site. Supercool, right?

Zenmate free download

Zenmate Free Download for Android(Mobiles+Tabs)

Almost 80 to 90 percent people today are using Android and why shouldn’t they? The easy-to-use interface Android provides has attracted users of all age groups. The customization options and versitality also attracts techies from around the world. Not forgetting all the bonus options you get after you root your device.  All these factor make Android #1 among its competitors.

You can follow Zenmate free Download to your download Zenmate apk file to your device by these very easy steps:

      • Go to Settings>Allow apps from unknown sources.
      • Doing this will allow you to download all the apps from sources other than Google Play Store.
      • Click on the download button below and now you can see the Zenmate apk in the downloads section.
      • Open the file and start installing it.
      • You are now good to go.
      • Use the app and enjoy.

Download now

Zenmate free download for PC

There are some sites that have to be viewed on the big screen. You might be having an Android device and it is also entirely possible that you have already installed Zenmate VPN but there are some sites like for movies, TV Shows that you only enjoy on PC.

You can easily download Zenmate for PC following the steps mentioned below:

        1. Click on Zenmate free download button below and your download should begin automatically.
        2. Now add this extension to your browser.
        3. Install the extension and you are ready to experience zenmate on your PC.
        4. Enjoy previously unaccessible site.

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Zenmate free download for iPhone(+iPads)

Not all the smartphone users use android phones. So, for the people using IOS devices here is a tutorial on how to install it. You can download Zenmate for iPhone like this:

    1. Go to Settings of your device and change the date to JAN 1,2015 or before.
    2. Open the preffered browser on your iPhone and go to www.pyger.com
    3. You will find a Download Now button there.
    4. Click on it and begin installation.
    5. You can now use Zenmate App  on your iOS device.

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Zenmate Review

On this site you will find an unbiased Zenmate review from all available sources and for all the platforms.

You can find expert reviews as well as user reviews for Zenmate app  on our site. Go to the link below for complete review of Zenmate.

How to use Zenmate VPN?

Zenmate free download

On any device once you have successfully installed Zenmate app you just have to choose the country you like to create the ip address of and click on “Start” button. You should be able to see almost all the countries in Zenmate country list.

Frequently asked questions about Zenmate:

  • Is is legal to use Zenmate Extension?

This might be a serious concern for most of us as we do not want to end up in trouble doing anything illegal.

Don’t worry you can use Zenmate as you like unless doing something illegal over there. As Zenmate extension is easily available on Play Store and other app stores so it is completely fine for you to use it. It can also be found on your browser’s online webstore.

  • Is Zenmate safe to use?

If you are talking about protecting your privacy and allowing access to restricted sites without being traced then yes.

However, if you are trying to do something illegal on bigger scale then you might land in some serious trouble. It is not recommended doing such stuff using Zenmate.

  • Is Zenmate better than other VPN services?

You will need to read our full review to understand this in detail. Visit the Zenmate review page to see the complete review.

I think i covered almost all of the frequently asked questions in Zenmate community. If your question is still left unanswered comment below.

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